Monday, October 27, 2008


Okay, maybe I'm crowing just a little too much, but it's gratifying to see the verdict come down on Ted Stevens, just one of many corrupt Alaskan politicians.

But what do you want to bet that even though he was found GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY!, the mouth-breathing Palin-fantasizing double-digit-IQ-flaunting Alaskan GOP voting base will vote him back into the senate next week?

Of course it's going to be a little difficult for him to actually be present in the senate if he's doing a five-year-term on each of the charges. But that doesn't bother your average Alaskan, apparently. They'd rather not even be a part of the United States -- and their putative Vice President is right along with them.

So here's Farnsworth's take on it: Fuck Ted Stevens and fuck Sarah Palin. I remember clearly when MY senator, Maria Cantwell, tried to take on Stevens and his fucked-up committee when the Big Oil maggots magnates were invited to make a joint testimony appearance and Maria was gaveled down for her temerity in suggesting that these corporate assholes ought to be -- gasp! -- sworn in before testifying. Old Teddy basically told her to shut the fuck up.

Shoe's on the different foot now, ain't it, Teddy? Too bad you won't be around for the new fitting, since you are going to JAIL! JAIL! JAIL!, motherfucker.

Now, Teddy, for a change, you can shut the fuck up.

But here's hoping that the Alaskans that still have a soul will finally see the light and vote the corrupt old fucker OUT! OUT! OUT! That will give the Democrats a 60-vote veto-proof majority, and we won't have to rely on turncoat LIEberman for that all important swing vote.

And the Rethugs? Fuck 'em. They fucked us over for the last twenty years. Now they can feel what it's like to be on the outside with their snotty noses pressed up against the glass, begging like Oliver Twist, "please sir I want some more".

Fuck 'em. That's what Farnsworth says.


fjb said...

It just made my day finding out that crazy old fucker has been found guilty. Remember Farns, I live in the province that happens to be the physical barrier between the lower 48 and him.:)

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back Farnsworth!