Thursday, October 09, 2008

Pounding the Table

There's an old saying around the legal profession that if you have the law on your side, pound the law. If you have the evidence on your side, pound the evidence. And if you have neither, pound the table.

And that seems exactly what Grampaw McSame and Caribou Barbie have been doing over the last few days. They can hardly afford to admit that Grampaw and his pack of fellow Rethug slimeball greedy-capitalist-pig deregulation-monkey cohorts are responsible for the economic mess we're in, and since they really have nothing else, they are pounding the table on Barack Obama: "Who is he? We don't know him. But we do know that he pals around with terrorists," etc etc etc.

Jeez, give me a fucking break already. Obama has been running for president for the last two years or so, he's been in a couple dozen debates, he's campaigned in almost every state, he's been in our living rooms on television nearly every day. And we don't "know" him? No, it's Grampaw that we don't "know", since he's taken great pains to try to hide the Real John McCain from the world. But thanks to people like Tim Dickinson, Mary Hershberger (see Investigating John McCain's Tragedy at Sea) and Sidney Schanberg, we're getting to know a new and different John McCain, different from that carefully-constructed persona of the Lone Maverick on the White Horse.

And what we see, Senator, we don't like very much. We very much miss the John McCain we thought we knew back in 2000, and we mourn his passing. The John McCain that we see today ... we don't like you very much. And we're going to like you even less if you keep up these nonsensical below-the-belt desperation attacks on your opponent.


Ben There said...

Good post. And Amen.

Lisa P said...

Very good post. Did you see where Palin and McCain were interviewed together on Fox last night? It was so weak and sad. When Palin can't even appear on Fox with Hannity solo it spells trouble. It was such a pathetic interview. With all that is going on they were discussing how they tell each other to have fun and such on the trail. By the way, McCain flat out said Palin is one of the leading Energy experts in the country (rolling eyes) and that energy is a big component in national security. So she is a key figure in national security? That ought to help me sleep better at night.

A friend of mine pointed out how Michelle Obama was featured on Larry King at almost the same time. Michelle Obama handled her solo interview where she was being questioned about Ayers a hundred times better than Palin handled a solo interview being questioned about magazines. Shaking my head.

Anonymous said...

Always a great post...