Monday, October 27, 2008

"Are You Joking?" Biden Slaps Wingnut

"Are you joking?" That was the question that Joe Biden asked this wingnut "journalist" when she asked if Obama was a Marxist.

I don't know who the fuck this Barbara West is, but she really needs to go back to J-School and learn some basics. Watch Joe Biden slap the shit out of this bitch:

Actually, a half-a-second Google search came up with the real Barbara West, who is an anchorwoman on WFTV Orlando, and whose husband has donated money to (surprise) four Rethug candidates.

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Lisa P said...

That was fabulous! I loved it! McCain called her out in an interview not long ago for something and that got zippo coverage. I think he said something she was referencing was baloney. I'll have to go look.

Did you hear Osama Bin Laden is supposedly preparing to release a message prior to our elections? I wonder what it will be and how voters will react. I'm convinced terrorists need the Republicans in office. It's their best shot at keeping Americans on soil close enough to them to attack and it is the best means of keeping their names in the headlines. I think he'll play into the fear mongering of the Republican party or he'll say he likes Obama. What do you think?