Wednesday, October 08, 2008

"That One" or The One?

"That one." That was Grampaw McCain's patronizing reference to that uppity Barack Obama during last night's debate.

Could he get more dismissive? Could he get more condescending? Could he get more contemptuous?

Well, I guess the short answer is Yes, he can and he probably will. But on the bright side, he's not calling him The N-Word yet. At least not in public. But is a man who is willing to drop The C-Bomb on his own wife in public really going to be able to keep that impulse reigned in for another month?

The Rethugs think they have everyone bamboozled about their deep-seated racism -- and that seems to be the case some of the time -- but every so often a little reminder comes oozing out.

"That one"...

No, Grampaw, Barack Obama isn't "that one". He's The One. Get used to it.