Sunday, October 19, 2008

McSame on Letterman

Why the fuck is it that the only representative of The Media who is willing to take on Grampaw McSame with the kind of questions that journalists used to be known for and pride themselves on, is the host of a late night comedy show?

Why is it that David Letterman, and not Katie Couric, Bob Schieffer, Charles Gibson, or any of the other overpaid and slothful representatives of the CPM*, is the only one willing to pull out the stops and put some direct journalistic questions to the Rethug nominee? (Okay, to be fair, I think Olbermann would be drilling into Grampaw if he had the chance, but the odds of Grampaw actually going on Countdown are roughly the same as my chances of winning the Nobel Prize.)

Here's the complete video:

It's worth watching the whole thing. And don't be fooled by the various highlight clips edited by the CPM. This is the full interview, and while Grampaw is making an effort to try to foist himself off on late-night America as an affable neo-Reaganesque fun-guy-you-can-have-a-beer-with leader, you can tell that he's doing some real stretching to try to pull it off. Plus it's just kind of creepy watching him try to be all jokey-ha-ha with Letterman.

And his praise of Caribou Barbie is just plain desperately weird. He's "absolutely" convinced that she's presidential material, based apparently on the fact that she oversaw a state bureaucracy with 24,000 employees. (Note to Grampaw: The US has a population of over 300 million.)

Watch Grampaw start to wiggle at about 20 minutes in when Letterman nails him with his "relationship" with G. Gordon Liddy: "Um, I've met him"...

Oh, and catch that "secret plan to get Bin Laden" starting about six minutes in. Do you remember the last presidential candidate who had a "secret plan"? Richard Tricky-Dick Nixon, 40 years ago in the 1968 election. He had a "secret plan" to end the war, and sure enough, nearly four years and 20,000+ dead Americans later, the war ended ... for the US. The Vietnamese, not so much.

[* Capitalist Pig Media]


Harry Homeless said...

Final Book Review: two thumbs up! Very refreshing and unvarnished. I'm giving my copy to my Iraq war vet nephew to get his reaction. Overall, I can think of nothing more chilling than being a pawn in a war waged with a guilty conscience. Kudos.

Farnsworth68 said...

Thanks much, HH. I always appreciate getting positive reviews...
Feel free to drop by Amazon and write a review there, if you are so inclined.
--The F Man