Thursday, October 09, 2008

So Where are the POWs?

I was thinking about the 2004 campaign, and how John Kerry had his fellow Swift Boat crew members with him at nearly every appearance. Every member of Kerry's crew but one gave up many months of his own personal life to travel with him and campaign for him, and make himself readily available to the news media for "corrective interviews" whenever that nasty Swift Boat Liars for Bush bunch of assholes made noise about Kerry's service, his medals, etc.

So then I got to thinking about John McCain, and started wondering why I'm not seeing a single one of his fellow POWs with him at any of these campaign events. Not one.

Why the fuck is that? Do you think that maybe those guys who were with him at the Hanoi Hilton know something about him that he'd rather we didn't know?

I'm just asking, but it does seem more than a little odd, don't you think?


mrln said...

Gosh darn it, Farns, that never occurred to me. You betcha, that sure is odd....

Lisa P said...

I do remember one or two being interviewed at the RNC during his nomination. I am surprised we aren't seeing more of them. Although, judging by some of the faces of the vets present at the RNC during Palin's speech, it wouldn't surprise me if they aren't all that thrilled with the idea of her potentially commanding US forces someday.

Anonymous said...

I never even gave it much thought. Where are his shipmates?
I know a female YNC(Ret.) who served with him in Pensacola and said he was an ass. A chauvenistic, churlish officer who blamed everyone else for his own short commings. That probably explains a lot.
Always a great post! SEMPER FI!