Thursday, October 23, 2008

Breaking News! Farnsworth Responsible for Rethug Win!

It turns out, in a stunning turn of events, that I, your humble host and blogger, is solely, single-handedly responsible for the election of Grampaw Dribbles and Caribou Barbie.

Here's the video:

Don't let this happen! Watch the video and then send to all of your friends. It's easy and quick, and you'll be doing your part to prevent this from happening.

* * * * * *
Update: Okay, when you click on the video link, you don't get the personalized version. But with a few simple keystrokes, you can change the words "non-voter" into the name of your friend, your spouse, your boss, your kids...whoever. Trust me, it's pretty cool and very effective.

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mrln said...

Thanks for this, F man! It's provided my friends and me endless entertainment. I"d just gotten off the phone with a 30 something friend who was teling me she wasn't voting b/c she didn't think it made a difference, when I got this in my email. I forwarded it to her. She laughed her ass off. Then a second email came from her: she said "I have just two words to say (why she thinks her vote won't count): Electoral College." I wrote back: "I have three words: PRESIDENT John McCain. "