Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Endorsement Race

Not that it means very much these days, but Obama is way ahead of Grampaw McSame in endorsements by newspaper editorial boards. Including such up-til-now-conservative bastions as the Chicago Tribune, which just broke a 167-year record of endorsing Republicans to come out in favor of Obama.

More than 55 newspaper editorial boards have now come out for Barack Obama. And McCain? A sad second place at only 14.

Jeez, I almost feel sorry for the old fucker. He waited all these years to get the nomination, he sold his soul to achieve it, he's now doddering around at the gates of senility, and what happens? He self-destructs along with the American economy, and his dreams of greatness are dashed on the rocks of "socialism"...

Not the "almost" in that last paragraph. Actually I'm lying. I don't feel at bit sorry for him. Once you sell your soul for political gain, you give up the right to expect sympathy.

Fuck you, Johnny. I could have seen myself actually voting for you in 2000. Too bad you got fucked by the BFEE and apparently liked it so much you came back for seconds: "Please sir, may I have some more?"

Now's the time for you to mosey on back to that rancho of yours in Arizona and slowly fade away like the old soldier (scuze me, sailor) that you are.

Bye now. Write if you get work.