Wednesday, October 08, 2008

"Crowd Control" = Martial Law

It's been kind of an open secret for the past couple of weeks that the US Military has redeployed part of the Third Infantry Division to the United States, ordered to stand by in case of the need for "crowd control". According to the Naomi Wolf story, members of congress were even threatened with martial law if they refused to pass the bailout bill.

I never thought that I would see the day the the Posse Comitatus Act would be swept away in this country, and swept away at the stroke of a pen by Der Monkey Fuehrer, not by the rule of law and the legislative deliberation process.

Now it's perfectly legal for infantry soldiers to patrol US streets, arrest "potential" lawbreakers, and shoot to kill in order to maintain "law and order"...

Get that? Shoot to kill. They have, according to Amy Goodwin, both lethal and non-lethal technology available to them, and, no doubt, orders to use both if necessary.

Let's see how it all adds up: We'll shoot to kill to maintain law and order ... We have to destroy the village in order to save it ... The death penalty is how we show our respect for human life ... Up is down, black is white, left is right and right is wrong. Jeez, we're through the looking-glass for sure now.

People, we are just steps -- no, inches -- no, millimeters -- away from the end of freedom in this country. Wanna bet that those troops (and probably many more that we're not aware of) won't be deployed in the dark of the night on November 4, available to put down what the government sees as inevitable riots in the streets when we all learn that Grampaw McSame and his Rethug handlers have managed to steal this election from Barack Obama?


Lisa P said...

I've been starting to stress about election night. People are so passionate about who they are supporting this year. Maybe even more passionate about who they don't support. I'm worried how election night will play out. This is an ugly time for our country. What do we expect when we are told we aren't patriots if we question our country? Now we have candidates suggesting another is a terrorist and smirking as audience members chant "terrorist" and "kill him." This is not about putting Country First.

mrln said...

You forgot, "I love America, but hate its government.."
The scenario you fear is my greatest fear also. We are up against powerful forces, who are intent on holding on to power and privilege. The only way we can win, is to win big. But if every registered Democrat votes, we can do it!

Greg Palast and Robert Kennedy Jr. wrote a voters guide in comic book form, and it is available free on It advises you what to do in the event you are challenged when trying to vote.