Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sarah Palin, "Prayer Warrior"

This is some seriously disturbing video, showing the kind of weirdo religious cult that Sarah Palin has been in, has been supporting, has been believing in for many years:

Oh, and be sure to read Mark Karlin's editor's blog over at Buzzflash: Sarah Palin is a Manchurian Candidate for One Extremist Splinter Group of the End-Times Crowd. It has a lot more information on the extreme and dangerous religious cult views of Sarah Palin and those who support her.

We simply cannot let this woman be a heartbeat away from the presidency. We just can't.

Please, give some money to the Obama-Biden ticket, and vow to do everything you can between now and election day to get out the vote in such overwhelming numbers that they will not be able to shave points and steal another election.