Monday, October 31, 2005

Scalia Lite?

...or maybe not so lite, since the newest nominee to the Supremes has a record that sounds more like Torquemada than O'Connor, the justice he'll be replacing.

Here's what I think has happened here: The Mayberry Machaivellians orchestrated the whole thing starting a couple of months ago when they saw the handwriting on the wall and knew that somebody in the Baby Doc Maladministration was going down.

So what do they do? They have their Meat Puppet nominate someone so far out of left field as to be in the next county, little Harriet Miers, as a stalking horse until they needed a diversion. As soon as it became fact that indictments were coming -- and soon -- the good soldier Miers graciously stepped aside.

Scooter was indicted Friday. Today Baby Doc nominates neo-fascist Scalia-mini-me Alito to the court and all of a sudden the focus is off the worst political crime since Watergate and on to the court nominee.

Clever, these Repugnican motherfuckers. I'll give 'em that.

And he will probably be confirmed, even if the Dems can manage to dig up enough balls to stage a filibuster -- I just heard on NPR Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Religious Cult) threaten the "nuclear option" if the Dems filibuster.

So, while it might be fun to watch the Senate implode, as seems likely, in the long run it will not be good for the country or for our democracy.

Like I've said before, we're fucked.


Anonymous said...

Could be you are right again?

BBC top US story is different from the US media headlines...

Bush choice sets up court battle

President Bush picks conservative judge Samuel Alito for the Supreme Court, heralding a Senate fight.

Strange to think US media is all the same...

DrainBamage said...

If the Dems were still on our side they would use this against Bush.
He nominates and idiot woman so he won't have to appoint a woman to the Supreme Court. Are you telling me there are no Women left that might just qualify for the position? that was the best we could do in the US?

Very obvious ploy that even the great Farns Worth has missed?

The Dems should be demanding another female candidate!
But they think the best defense is playing defense and will let another critical moment in history go towards enslaving the US population!

I gotta stop reading your blog you get me too worked up!

wkmaier said...

But Wee Scotty's press briefing yesterday (Monday), he got hammered about the indictments. I can't wait till today's gaggle.

(BTW, Alito lives about 15-20 mins from me. Who knew we had fascists in our midst?)