Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What Happens When Baby Doc Meets a Real Journalist

Remember that famous incident with Carole Coleman, the Irish journalist who had the nerve to ask Baby Doc those unnerving questions that our press corps ought to be asking? The one who actually had the effrontery to do her job? The one who, for her trouble, got a complaint lodged against her with her own embassy?

Yeah, we all remember her with a fond you-go-girlfriend attitude.

She has a book out now about her experiences covering the US for the Irish television network. An excerpt from that book is now available on the Sunday Times-Review (UK) website. Check it out for an excellent perspective on our Boy-Warrior-King that you won't get from the obsequient bootlicking ass-kissing administration lackeys in our own media.

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rtalcott said...

Excellent catch...I have to find that book.
Thank you,