Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Shape of Things to Come

In a rare move today, Sen Harry Reid forced the Senate into a closed session because the Repugnican majority had refused to keep a prior committment to investigate the intelligence -- or lack thereof -- leading up to the Iraq War, solely for the purpose of protecting the Bush Adminstration.

In a fit of pique, Senator Billy Frist (R-Catkiller) threw a temper tantrum, saying that the action was a political stunt and personal affront to him. Well, I'll stipulate that here is a guy who knows both his political stunts and his personal affronts, since he seems to be full of so many of both of them.

Today's LA Times has the full story.

It's good to see the Dems grow some balls, at long last. This could be a precursor to a unified action to filibuster Il Duce Alito and scuttle his chances of getting on the Supreme Court to wreak lasting damage to our nation and our democratic freedoms.

All I can say is "Give 'em hell, Harry!"