Thursday, October 27, 2005

Miers Out -- Attila the Hun In?

Harriet Miers has "withdrawn" from consideration of appointment to the Supreme Court. On the advice and consent of the wingnut booboisie, the Hezbollah wing of the Repugnican party, Baby Doc's "best person I could find" nominee for the Supremes is out.

It's a Hobson's choice, actually, since Baby Doc is on notice that he can't fuck with "the base" and ignore the needs and desires of the far right. Watch for his next nominee to be someone to the right of Attila the Hun. Watch for the weak-kneed Dems, so happy that cronyism is out, to welcome in the next justice with open arms and bared necks.

I guess I sound kind of bitter, don't I?


merlallen said...

It'll be someone even worse.
Janice Brown.

Wolfgang P. May said...

The next one might actually be better, perhaps even a lawyer who has argued cases before the Supreme Court, or, dare we hope, a judge who actually has some experience with constitutional issues. With indictments pending for some of his closest advisors, Bush has lost whatever clout he used to have.