Saturday, October 08, 2005

God Speaks to Baby Doc

You talking to god is a sign of faith. God talking to you is a sign of insanity.

Nevertheless, it appears that god is indeed talking to Baby Doc. It was god who told him to invade Iraq. Reminds me of that old Flip Wilson routine, where he appears in drag as Geraldine, whose signature excuse for everything was "The devil made me do it".

Naturally one of the Palestinian officials to whom he said it claims that he didn't take it literally. Jesus, who in their right mind would take it literally, in what you would think was a normal conversation with the Leader of the Free World?

The White House official spokesliar, Scotty McClelland, of course, says Baby Doc didn't say it. Bullshit. Every time anyone in this administration opens his piehole a stream of lies comes pissing out.

So if god tells Baby Doc to pull the nuclear trigger, will he do it?

Stupid question -- damn straight he will do it. The neocon wingnuts have wanted to bring on Armageddon since at least the Reagan Administration (and probably before -- I seem to recall a National Review slogan from the late 60s that went, in that famously ostentatious William F. Buckley parlance, something like "Don't let THEM immanentize the eschaton").

And this time we don't have Christopher Walken to put a stop to it.