Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Even the Air Force?

In another not surprising development, the elite, we're-above-all-that-nasty-ground-pounding-stuff, US Air Force is getting pressed into action to do some of the down and dirty work in Iraq.

Since there aren't enough people in the Army to do all the shit work, and nobody is rushing the recruitment offices, Uncle Donny and the Pentagon are getting pretty stretched to find people to do the unpleasant jobs, like guarding jails, protecting convoys, and interrogating prisoners.

So, if you can't recruit 'em off the streets, just cannibalize the other services. Now a bunch of Air Force personnel are in Iraq doing interrogations, guarding prisons and riding along as "shotgun" on supply convoys. A bunch more are in training down at my old stomping grounds in Fort Huachuca, AZ.

So all this shit duty isn't exactly what those effete snobs enlisted for, but they're doing it nevertheless. Even 40 years ago, those of us in the Army resented the Air Force for their airs of superiority, their arrogance -- and also for their goddam comfortable innerspring mattresses. Even back then we considered them elitist snobs, so in many ways it's gratifying to see them actually have to "work for a living".

But on the other hand, why should they have to do this shit? Why should anybody? We shouldn't even fucking be there.

Noble cause, my ass. Why aren't the recruiters knocking on that White House door and signing up those lazy-assed slacker daughters of our Boy-King? If this is such a fucking noble cause, they need to be in uniform.

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One Salient Oversight said...

I think using Air Force and Naval personnel in lieu of Army guys is actually a good idea.

Apart from anything else, at least they'll have the experience of knowing what Army guys have to go through.

They may even learn to respect the Army and appreciate their own positions even more.

But you are right - they shouldn't even be there in the first place.