Thursday, October 06, 2005

New Mier Revelations

Jeez, I hate to keep harping on the same theme, but the hits just keep on coming. Now we learn that Harriet Miers was present when Baby Doc got his now infamous pre-9/11 briefing about Osama Bin Laden.

She was also on the team that put together the fascist-inspired Patriot Act.

Like the bad old days of Stalin in the former Soviet Union, the chief qualifications for appointive office in the Bush Politburo are unquestioning loyalty and blind obedience. Harriet has both of those in excess ("the most brilliant man I've ever met").

On the Supreme Court, she will be a reliable voice for the further consolidation and expansion of Executive Branch power, at the expense of the other two branches. We do not need this. The Executive Branch is already too powerful -- with the obsequious acquiesence of the Congress -- and only the Court can do anything to reign it in. Not likely with these Bushevik appointments, and the course of empire marches on.

How did we manage to get to this sad point in our history? Like Jack Nicholson said in Easy Rider, "This used to be a great country; what happened?"

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Anonymous said...

For the party that opposed litmus tests for the judicial branch now seems to insist that the test is if your pastor can voucher for you as a qualified born again Christian. Will this be the next voter test? Employment test? Pregnancy test? Typical Christian hypocrisy and paranoid delusion.