Saturday, October 08, 2005

21 Dead Americans in One Week!

In one fucking week we've had 21 dead Americans, but would you know about it from reading the newspapers? Watching the network news? Watching Faux News? No, you would not.

The MSM/SCLM have grown tired of covering the Iraqi War. Nothing new is happening, and the stories coming out of there are now showing all the leaden sameness that spells ratings death for the media outlets. The Iraq War (along with other "boring" news stories) is now relegated to trivia questions on TV quiz shows.

Besides, it's not like the children of anyone important are bleeding and dying over there. Don't look for a lot of media coverage unless, oh, say, the Bush Twins suddenly get patriotic and enlist in the Noble Cause.

Yeah. Uh-uh...

In the meantime, you can see scenes like this only in the Blogosphere: