Monday, October 03, 2005

Google Captured by the Right Wing?

On today's Google News, the US section had a headline that read "Dems have criminalized politics". A couple of sentences pulled from the lead of the Chicago Sun-Times story give no indication as to who wrote the article. Not until you clicked on the link and got taken to the website would you discover that it's a link to an opinion column, penned in hell with a quill dipped in venom, by the traitorous Prince of Darkness himself, Bob Novak.

And this was the top story in the US section. Sorry, Google, but that's not news. It's slanderous commentary by the most reactionary of wingnut columnists, a man who is guilty of treason.

That particular headline was gone the next time I looked, about an hour later. Maybe somebody called them on it, but this is not the first time that Google has catered to the Bush Maladminstration. For example, just try a Google Image search for "Bush Twins Naked" -- you will get zero hits, even though we all know that there have to be dozens of porn sites with the faces of Jenna and Not-Jenna photoshopped onto other women's bodies.

See also: Google kills ad critical of Bush, lets pro-Bush ads continue running for another take on the right-wing Google.

And no, I don't have an answer. I still prefer Google to search, but now I know that it isn't dishing up the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And I would never consider installing the Google Desktop search, nor would I have my email provided by Google.

Call me paranoid, but I don't trust them.


Anonymous said...

Just for kicks, try googling the word "failure".

Farnsworth said...

That's the result of "Google bombing", and it would be too blatant to keep that from happening. Too many people know about it.
A Google bomb, BTW, is a concentrated effort to hook a website with a particular phrase, by getting as many websites as you can to link to it.
That way when you Google the word (e.g. failure) and hit I'm Feeling Lucky, you'll get taken directly to the desired page, in this case the George W. Bush biography on the White House website.
That's a function of the Google algorithms, and they'd have to be really blatant to stop that. And also note that the rightwing is busy with their own Google bombing -- the very next hit with "failure" is Michael Moore.

Kilgore Trout said...

its still funny

Anonymous said...

You almost hooked me into that one again! No, not gonna have the wife walk up while I am trying to prove you wrong by doing a search on bush twins naked! NO!!!

seriously, it isn't just google... it is bigger than that! You culd normaly find results for naked bush naked twins or twin bush naked...