Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Subway Terror Alert a Hoax? Say it Ain't So.

In yet another not surprising development, the NYC subway alert turns out to be so not true. In other words, a hoax. A prevarication. A lie.

Remember what I've always said about them instilling, nurturing and keeping a constant state of fear in the populace, to keep us off balance and distract us from their real plans and actions? Here's yet another example of it.

An interesting line from the Hitchhiker's Guide went something like this: The president of the galaxy has no power -- the only reason he exists is to distract our attention away from those who do have the power. Douglas Adams, who died much too soon, had it right on the money all those years ago when he first wrote the book.

They are sure to keep up the fake terror alerts, those cheap magic act diversions, while all the while trying to consolidate their corrupt power. The 2006 elections will tell the tale: If, after everything we do to bring down this corrupt and evil empire, they are still in power in the Congress, it will be time to think about making some "alternative lifestyle" plans.

Like living it somewhere else.