Monday, October 03, 2005

Next Up for the Supremes

So who the fuck is Harriet Miers and why does she deserve a seat on the Supreme Court? She's Baby Doc's personal attorney, and her next claim to fame was being the titular head of the Texas Lottery Commission. I guess that's experience enough to get a lifetime appointment to the highest court of the land, the court of William O. Douglas, John Marshall, Oliver Wendell Holmes, and Earl Warren.

But this appointment just has to be because she's the next one in line, since Republicans don't believe in Affirmative Action... Do they?

So, putting aside the fact that she doesn't know how to spell her own name and the fact that she's not even a judge, never sat on the bench, never tried a case -- the Bushies are defensively making the weak argument that other Supreme Court judges haven't been on the bench (however, those justices were highly qualified in other fields, something that seems to have escaped Mier) -- etc etc., exactly what is it it that makes her the most eminently qualified jurist available to replace Sandra Day O'Connor?

Beats me, except for this: She is a loyal Bushevik who once called Baby Doc the most brilliant (or smartest or some such nonsense) man she's ever met. And that's the kind of judgment she's going to bring to the Supreme Court???

She's 60 years old and never been married, and I am sure that, since she is part of the rightwing pro-God cultural values crowd, she's also not only never been pregnant, but has never even had sex. And probably not even an orgasm.

There you go, sisters. You're going to have a Supreme Court justice who has never had sex ruling on your reproductive rights. How do you like them apples?

Oh, and there is just one more thing: She will be another reliable vote on the Court to overturn Baby Doc's inevitable conviction on all those pesky criminal conspiracy, corruption, and human rights abuse charges that just won't go away...

Watch for it, and remember that you saw it here first.