Monday, October 10, 2005

Weekly "Bush Twins in Uniform" Watch

It has now been 507 days since Jenna and Not-Jenna Bush, the slacker offspring of Preznit Numnutz, graduated from college and they are still not in the uniform of the US armed services.

Why? Because they have other priorities. They are too busy partying down in Georgetown to show their support for the war by enlisting their chickenhawk-child selves into the military service, that's why.

Sign the Buzzflash petition and demand that the Bush offspring enlist, or else bring the troops home. If it's not a cause noble enough for the Bush children to join, then it's not noble enough for our sons and daughters to die for.


Thinking Right said...

U comprende Delta Sierra??

Thinking Right said...
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Farnsworth said...

No, je ne comprend pas la "Delta Sierra".

Anonymous said...

The Queen then Princess of England was a diesel mechanic in WW II.

They obviously can't go over seas for security reasons. Isn't there a desk in the basement of the pentagon these two young officer candidates could shove papers around on for a couple of years?