Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Send More Cannon Fodder

Well, here's a suprise. The Army, falling desperately short of its recruiting goals yet again, has decided to lower the bar a little and allow people that it previously turned away the distinct privilege of enlisting.

Jeez, nobody saw this coming? Just watch for that bar to get lower and lower until they are actively recruiting the profoundly retarded and the clinically insane. And when even that doesn't work, they are going to start talking the D-Word again. As in Draft.

Imperialism can go only so far without its legions, and four more wars will take a much larger military force than we have available. The only saving grace is that Baby Doc is now such a fucking lame duck that even Bill Frist is saying, "Hey, I barely know the guy", and having already squandered all of his political capital, he will not be able to continue his reckless expansion of the empire.


drainbamage said...

Had not real idea, thanks for opening my eyes again... Don't you normally fail with a test score of 65%?

I loved this part of the article...
67 % score at least half or better on their tests and they are dropping that to 60%. Doesn't that mean 40% are complete failures?

Harvey said the Army would also ease the service's requirement that at least 67% of every recruiting class be made up of recruits who scored in the top half (50th percentile or above) on the aptitude tests. The new threshold would be 60%, Harvey said, in accordance with Defense Department benchmarks.

merlallen said...

I don't know how they could possibly dumb that test down anymore. When I took it, I thought it was a joke. I kept waiting for them to laugh and bring out the real test.