Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Fear Factor. Again.

Baby Doc, facing plummeting poll numbers and sniping attacks from all sides for his latest careen into incompetent cronyism, suddenly spouts off that he personally is responsible for thwarting ten Al Queda plots against the forces of truth and justice and the American Way, including three right here in our own country, and disrupting plans in five more cases.

As usual, he is lying. Did I say as usual? I meant as always.

On of these three cases involved Jose Padilla, who is still in custody without having been charged with a crime -- probably because there really isn't a crime that they can charge him with. Even the law enforcement people who were interviewed for an LA Times story on the case say that the " hadn’t found any evidence… that the plot had developed into any kind of operational plan." It's pretty hard to call that a plot thwarted, I think.

Two more of them dealt with 9/11- associated "plots" to use airliners on the West Coast as weapons, but even the Justice Department says they that never got beyond the purely theoretical stages -- hard to even call them plots, I think, plus the plotters abandoned the plans themselves, so how can we call them "thwarted"?

Local cops in California, scene of many of these "crimes" are scratching their collective heads over the details in Bush's speech.

But never mind all that factual stuff. As this maladministration has shown us time and time again, the facts do not matter. All that matters is whipping up the fear in the American people to distract them from the rampant corruption and deliberate crime taking place in the White House.