Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Dominican Republic Sex Tourism: I Knew It!

Following up on the Rush Limbaugh Viagra bust post from yesterday, I managed to do a little research on the sex trade in the Dominican Republic. Apparently I've been living under a rock for the last several years (okay, I've been happily married for the last 24 years, which, when it comes to this subject, is just like living under a rock...)

It turns out, to my surprise, that the Dominican Republic, of all places, is ground zero for the sex trade in the Western Hemisphere, as this Google search illustrates: There are over 542,000 hits for the words "dominican republic sex tourism" -- and many of those sites refer specifically to child prostitution, such as this one and this one.

Not that I am in any way accusing -- or even suggesting -- that Rusty "Limpdick" Limbaugh has been anything but an honorable and law-abiding Republican* in his consorting with prostitutes in the Dominican Republic. But it really makes you wonder why he felt the need to go all the way to the DR for sex when it's so readily available for a reasonable price all over South Florida, and especially in Miami and nearby Miami Beach, both of which are right down the shore from where he lives. Plus he's a media celebrity, for chrissake, and despite the fact that he's a fatassed flabby limp-dick slob, even he must have an adequate number of rightwing groupies to nail right here in the good old USA.

So why did he go all the way to the Dominican Republic?

* Surely an oxymoron, but never mind...


billie said...

well, according to yahoo news (in the entertainment section no less):

"Limbaugh's lawyer, Roy Black, said the prescription was written in his doctor's name "for privacy purposes." The conservative radio host was released without being charged and investigators confiscated the Viagra, which treats erectile dysfunction.

Limbaugh joked about the search on his radio show Tuesday, saying Customs officials didn't believe him when he said he got the pills at the Clinton Library and he was told they were blue M&Ms. He later added, chuckling: "I had a great time in the Dominican Republic. Wish I could tell you about it."

my guess is- he went to have sex with pre-pubescent prostitutes. one can only hope that he didn't use a condom. is that bad?

The Future Was Yesterday said...

You said so perilously: "(okay, I've been happily married for the last 24 years, which, when it comes to this subject, is just like living under a rock...)

ROTFL!! We are members of the mushroom club, Sir!

JBlue said...

How like that oily bastard to try to shift the focus to Clinton and get if off him.

I know you're not SAYING anything in particular about his motives. However, I'll just assume the worst.

Unknown said...

Rusty Limpdick Limbaugh; love it. Did I ever mention that RLL used to get his "prescriptions" filled at the pharmacy where I worked?

He would strut in there like he was somebody, and we just treated him like everyone else. He had a doc in town who hooked him up. Hometown boy makes good & all. BTW, I never saw his maid pick up meds for him. Just RLL in person.

I feel sorry for those poor girls. Grrr. Makes me nauseated to think about it. But, the fecker is going to come back here & act like he's righteous. Sickening.