Monday, June 12, 2006

Books for New Orleans

I just heard about this. If you have a few good books sitting around just gathering dust, consider sending them to New Orleans so they can restock their library. Sadly, most of their books were destroyed in the Katrina flooding.

So if you do have a few, please send them to:

Rica A. Trigs, Public Relations
New Orleans Public Library
219 Loyola Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70112-2007
Send them "media mail" at the Post Office and the postage won't cost you much. According to The Democratic Party story, the PO might even give you a break on the already-cheap cost to mail them.


JBlue said...

Excellent post idea. I'll look around. I'm a book pack rat.

Did you get your letter from the VA yet? Mr. Pink's came today. "Dear Veteran, once again, you are so screwed. We've inadvertantly given out all the info we have on you...." Then it made reference to an enclosed Q&A sheet (there wasn't one enclosed).

Farnsworth68 said...

Yeah, I got my "stroke job" from the VA. Mine did have a Q&A flyer, but it didn''t contain any new information.
Those guys seem awfully cavalier about it, when it's us who will have to suffer for their incompetence.

merlallen said...

I was sitting in my room wondering what to do with all the books piled everywhere. Thanks.

JBlue said...

I just have to comment on this line in the letter: "Out of an abundance of caution, however, VA is taking all possible steps to protect and inform our veterans...."

"an abundance of caution"????

Farnsworth68 said...

Yeah, an abundance of caution.
I've said all along, Orwell would be rolling in his grave...