Thursday, June 22, 2006

Southern Repugnicans Block Voting Rights for Blacks

In yet another piece of news in the Not Surprising category, a group of southern lawmakers (all of them Repugs, naturally) have held up the extension of the 1964 Voting Rights Act.

Reuter's has the story, as do more than 300 other news sources.

Their complaints center around the usual crap ("It's not fair to MY state," etc etc), but we all know what's behind it: The same fucking mentality that drove the Southern Democrats out of the Democratic Party and into the arms of the so-called Big Tent Republicans way back when, when the Act was first passed.

Lyndon Johnson, whose political antennae were always well attuned to the prevailing wind, said when he signed it that it would cost the Democratic Party the South for "a generation". Turns out it's longer than that, it would appear.

They didn't like uppity black people back then, and they still don't like them. Oh, they are willing to use them when it's politically expedient -- that's why you have that small handful of black Republicans (which ought to be an oxymoron) who have sold their souls to their masters. Remember what Harry Belafonte said about Kindasleazy Rice and Colin Toby-Be-Good Powell? That's pretty much it for all black Republicans.


billie said...

you forgot clarence 'i like to feel up women and get away with it' thomas- appointed by bush 1 i think. either that or reagan- pretty much the same thing at that point in time.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I can't believe blacks haven't figured out by now that Jesse shakedown Jackson and other so called "leaders" are sticking the meat to them!! Where have they been in the years this has been happening?

I have video of that speech you have on your right side re "warrants." You are free to have it w/ just an email.

Hell of a site you have here. I arrived via Betmo, btw.