Thursday, June 29, 2006

Paying for the VA Credit Boondoggle

Baby Doc apparently can just pull money out of his ass to pay for the war illegal occupation of Iraq, but when it comes to the veterans of that war -- and all veterans -- whoops, there just isn't any cash lying around to take care of them.

That's why the assholes in charge are intending to cut funding for food stamps, student loans and youth programs to pay for credit monitoring for those of us victimized by the inept security controls at the VA.

This is the party that ran on a platform of personal responsibility and "compassionate conservatism", if you will recall.

So, Monkey Fuehrer, show a little of both and stand up to the plate. If you don't think there's any money to help America's veterans, maybe you could go, hat in hand, to the next meeting of the Fat Cat Plutocrat Society and ask them for just a tiny fraction of those billions upon billions of dollars that you personally, along with your lap-dog lackeys in the People's Chamber of Deputies congress, handed to them with your reckless and irresponsible tax cuts for the obscenely wealthy.

Fat chance of that ever happening.


Anonymous said...

Let me focus the light a bit here on a possible free solution...

Shruby is spending money on illegal wire taping and other high tech illegal Internet security monitoring and their supercomputers.

Why doesn't he just have them plug in the names of the Vets who were stolen and see if somebody is using their ID?

Too easy to use an already illegal system to do something good?

Anonymous said...

Did you see this?,,-5920699,00.html

Not to worry, the FBI says the info on the laptop wasn't accessed. Some real gem quotes in the article, like a Fuckuplican politico talking about how they were going to keep up their oversight on this matter. Like they could find oversight of ANYTHING even with both hands and a flashlight.

Also mention of 2 other VA security breeches in Minneapolis and Indianapolis. I guess that means somebody in Annapolis will be taking their laptop home over the holiday weekend.

Anonymous said...

We had a discussion at work today as to exactly how the FBI would know if the files were accessed. The IT guy from the security group thought they looked at the file dates and called it good. The IT guy from computer support group thought that even if they had the ability to tell if the heads on the HD had moved in the allotted amount of time the laptop had been missing, there are other ways to get the data without detection that people like the KGB use. Such as removing the cylinders on the HD and putting them in another HD. The security guy and the computer tech agreed that there was no existing technology to indicate if the HD heads had actually moved over the data area on the HD and had to agree they probably just checked the modified date on the files and said it was good. The security guy pointed out that there were also ways to copy the files without changing the date stamp. The Tech guy agreed that there were external devices that could copy files without detection.

So at least two computer specialist, one in computer security and one in computer support agree the FBI probably does not know if the data had been copied or not.

I also learned that a program called Ghost can take a copy of your HD in 10 minutes! And it could even be done while you were using your computer if it were connected to a network and you wouldn't even know!

Lastly the security guy pointed out that simple Microsoft encryption would have assured the data was not hacked by 80% of the world. Also there are other encryptions that can be used to keep 97% of the world out that are very affordable for our government to use.

That is when I stepped up and said when are they going to take our data seriously and start using encryption for ID data?

I mean really do we have to make a law for the government to handle data as responsibly as the private sector?

JBlue said...

" a little of both." Ha.

I was wondering about that, braindamage, so thanks.