Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Jim Webb Wins Virginia Senatorial Primary!

Read the news stories and exult in victory. And thank you to everyone who pitched in for Jim Webb on my recommendation.

But the battle isn't over. Now it's on to November and victory then. Let's show the Repugnican bastards that Democrats are the true party of national security and support for the troops.

Please bookmark the Jim Webb for Senate page, and think serioulsy about throwing some cash his way. He is exactly the kind of Democrat that we need in the Senate: A smart, involved, and dedicated anti-war veteran.

Kind of like (ahem) me.


pissed off patricia said...

Now let's hope he kicks Allen's ass

billie said...

ok- but you know that webb was a republican right? he switched over to democrat because of the iraq war- but i doubt that he switched every view on every issue. might this not be a bait and switch?