Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The CIA-Nazi Connection

Here's news that, sadly, does not come as a suprise. The CIA was instrumental in concealing the identities and the whereabouts of top Nazis following WWII in a desperate and cynical attempt to use those Nazis as double agents against the Soviets.

Even Adolph Eichmann was a beneficiary of this misguided largesse. The CIA knew as early as 1958 where Eichmann was hiding, and even what name he was using. But they sat on this knowledge because they were afraid that Eichmann, if he were captured and brought to justsice, would blow the whistle on his buddy, Hans Globke, who was working for the US in Germany coordinating anti-communist activities.

Never mind the fact that Eichmann was the commandant of Auschwitz, personally responsible for the deaths of millions of people. That fact evidently paled in comparison to keeping Globke's skirts looking clean. Even when Eichmann was finally discovered and apprehended by agents from Israel, the US was able to exercise its considerable influence on Israel to keep Globke's name out of the proceedings.

Jeez, doesn't it seem like they could have done that anyway and given up Eichmann to Israel when they first knew his location?

No, I guess that makes too much sense. After all, we're dealing with that 1950s CIA mindset that dicated that the communists in the Soviet Union were so much worse than the German Nazis, who were apparently just "misunderstood".

After all, as we now know, even Prescott Bush, Baby Doc's own grandfather and the founder of the BFEE, made his fortune from his business dealings with the fascist corporatists in the Third Reich. He apparently didn't have any qualms about any untidy and unprofitable concepts such as human rights.