Thursday, June 15, 2006


I know people will say that it's just a number, and if we didn't have ten fingers, we wouldn't have base-ten arithmetic, but...

Two thousand five hundred dead American troops.

I think that's more than just a number. It's 2500 families torn asunder. It's 2500 people, most of them with their full lives ahead of them, snuffed out, all for what? A fucking business deal?

Bush has to be stopped. The only light at the end of the tunnel is the election of a Democratic congress this fall.

Nancy Pelosi is on record as saying that impeachment is not being considered.

Bullshit. I don't believe her. Vote Democratic. Stop the madness.


Granny said...

Of course I will. Even my Senior Senator has had enough by now and she'll probably be reelected.

Junior Senator - no problem but she's not running this year.

JBlue said...

2500 for Bush's oil. The man has no conscience.

Fourth pew, center said...

I defy anyone -- and that includes any and all resident D.C. idiots -- to visit the burn ward at BAMC and say "it's just a number."

Try it.

One of those soldier's parents or spouse is likely to kill you on the spot.

billie said...

238 dead in afghanistan and surrounding areas. for what? why are we really there? so the "numbers" that snow says are just numbers- are really 2738 for worthless wars.