Tuesday, June 27, 2006

More on the Death Penalty

No, I am not talking about the so-called "Death Tax". What I talking about is the real old-fashioned death penalty, wherein the state takes it on itself to commit a murder. And don't talk to me about that "eye for an eye" crap, or about how it's a deterrent blah blah blah(demonstrably it isn't). I've argued before on this blog about the death penalty, for example here and here, and nothing has happened in the meantime to change my mind.

Now our newest Supreme, Stripsearch Sammy Scalito, has sided with his other BFEE surrogates in a 5-4 decision upholding the Kansas death penalty, even though many people will inevitably be put to death in cases where the "aggravated" requirement of the Kansas death penalty law has not been proved to the jury. See the confusing details in this story in a Seattle paper outlining the case.

Anna Quindlen, writing in Newsweek, says that "last year only four countries accounted for nearly all executions worldwide: China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United States."

Are we really proud of being in that company?


billie said...

now, i am no fan of the so-called "railroad killer" resendiz but usually folks on death row languish for years. he had only been in prison for less than 8 years. perhaps because he was an illegal immigrant of mexican persuasion? maybe they want to use that as another deterrent along with the fence.

Don Dodson said...

If the death penalty is not a deterrent, explain for me why Michael Moore is not dead and I am not on death row.

Farnsworth68 said...

For the same reason YOU are not dead and someone else is on death row.
It's not because someone is afraid of the death penalty; it's because sane and rational people do not kill other people.
Are you REALLY saying that it is only the fear of being put to death that prevents you from killing Michael Moore?
If that's literally true, then you need professional help.
BTW, you cannot cite ONE SINGLE scientific study to proves that the death penalty is a deterrent.
Not one.
If it were a deterrent, then the number of people on death row in Texas would be going down, not up. Texas has the highest rate of execution in this country, but that doesn't stop people from committing death penalty crimes there, now does it?
You claim to be an Xian: Who would Jesus kill?

Blue said...

Don Dodson is just another example of conservative christian hypocrisy in action.

Nice reasoned response. I continue to be blown away by the illogic and double-speak in pro-death penalty arguments.

By the way, I love your blog and am now an avid reader!

Farnsworth68 said...

Thanks, Bluegrrrl.
I was kind of hoping Dodson would stop back by so I could skewer him, but his type is the typical hit-and-run.
His blog is called One nation under god, and it's about what you'd expect it to be: nonsensical blathering from some half-brained moron who would be shocked if he ever actually picked up the new testament and read it.
If he could find someone to explain the big words.