Friday, June 23, 2006

Coulter or Hitler?

Here's a fun quiz. See if you can identify which of the 14 quotations on this website came out of either Ann Coulter or Adolph Hitler.

I got 11 out of 14. Can you do better?


NetAgra said...

Hitler shitler, F Man.
Channel surfing as I ate my supper tonight and passed by Fox News just in time to see some guy yelling about firing squads. So I paused. Somehow or another word got out that the United States is tracking financial transactions in its (our?) effort to find terrorists.

The guy doing the yelling was saying the people who released the information about the financial tracking should be put before a firing squad and shot.He repeated it a couple of times during my short pause in channel surfing.

Firing squads. Firing squads in the United States. A guy on a national news program yelling for firing squads. Firing squads in the United States being advocated by some guy on a national news broadcast.

Firing squads. You know, something to go with the concentration camps and the torture. Firing squads and some guy yelling for them on Fox News. I don't know who the hell that guy was but someone decided to give him a nation-wide broadcast venue so he could go on yelling about firing squads.

Orange_Cross said...

I've included my results below

You got 12 citations correct!
Correct Answer You were
"Liberals have a preternatural gift for striking a position on the side of treason...Whenever the nation is under attack, from within or without, liberals side with the enemy." Ann Coulter Correct!
"We must study this vile liberal technique of emptying garbage pails full of the vilest slanders and defamations from hundreds and hundreds of sources at once, suddenly and as if by magic, on the clean garments of honorable men, if we are fully to appreciate the entire menace represented by these scoundrels of the press." Adolf Hitler Correct!
"Taking these consequences into account, it is no accident that it is always primarily the liberal who tries and succeeds in planting such mortally dangerous modes of thought in our people." Adolf Hitler Correct!
"Liberals are always wrapping their comically irrelevant charges in a haze of lies..." Ann Coulter Correct!
"Hence it is that at the present time the liberal is the great agitator for the complete destruction of America. Whenever we read of attacks against America taking place in any part of the world the liberal is always the instigator." Adolf Hitler Correct!
"It was a crushing defeat for the liberals, not because liberals were necessarily Communists, though many were, but because they had been morally blind to Communism...Liberal elites defended traitors. In response to the Soviet threat, the Democrats consistently counseled defeat, supplication, and retreat." Ann Coulter Correct!
"These scum manufacture more than three quarters of the so-called 'public opinion,'...To give an accurate description of this process and depict it in all its falsehood and improbability, one would have to write volumes." Adolf Hitler Wrong
"The immediate consequence of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was a wholesale abandonment of morals. Laws against divorce were loosened, promiscuity was encouraged, and marriage was demeaned as a "bourgeois institution." Providing a battle cry for the sexual anarchists, Vladimir Lenin had famously said that the act of sex should "be as simple and unimportant as drinking a glass of water." American liberals have used their hegemonic control of...newspapers to create a charming world in which women apparently cannot bear to keep their shirts on." Ann Coulter Correct!
"As long as millions of the bourgeoisie still piously worship their liberal democratic press every morning, it very ill becomes these gentlemen to make jokes about the stupidity of the 'comrade' who, in the last analysis, only swallows down the same garbage, though in a different form. In both cases the manufacturer is one and the same liberal." Adolf Hitler Wrong
"The foremost connoisseurs of this truth regarding the possibilities in the use of falsehood and slander have always been the liberals..." Adolf Hitler Correct!
"The truth is another hateful "bourgeois institution."...liberals always seem to be enthusiastically defending liars. Lying is their most cherished human activity." Ann Coulter Correct!
"Here the liberal's procedure is as follows: He approaches the worker, simulates pity with his fate, or even indignation at his lot of misery and poverty, thus gaining his confidence...With infinite shrewdness he fans the need for social justice, somehow slumbering in every American man, into hatred against those who have been better favored by fortune..." Adolf Hitler Correct!
"Liberals always get a lot of credit for suffering, while never actually being made to suffer." Ann Coulter Correct!
"It is this press, above all, which wages a positively fanatical and slanderous struggle, tearing down everything which can be regarded as a support of national independence, cultural elevation, and the economic independence of the nation." Adolf Hitler Correct!

Orange_Cross said...

I'm glad that Coulter's getting the ridicule she deserves. If only Hitler had gotten more and earlier.

Sorry about the cut and paste in the post above.

Anonymous said...

The problem is, that while Coulter was/is being ridiculed, she's also gotten millions of dollars of free publicity for her book. I suspect the goofy bitch will willingly take the ridicule for the millions she stands to make..(:

Granny said...

10 out of 14 but I'll admit I was guessing for the most part.

They're interchangeable.

billie said...

oh- you forgot the secret prisons, the holding people who are suspected terrorists without charging them- for months, the domestic(and now international) mining for information, the tracking and visiting of regular joe's and jane's blogs and emails, phone calls, etc. in america. why would you be surprised that someone is yelling for firing squads? seems to be par for the course these days. i only got 8 right on the quiz. not sure what that means.

Anonymous said...

I got the same score as granny: 10 out of 14. The way I tried to determine what Adolf and what Ann said was in the use of the language. Ann is so much more pedestrian than Adolf was. Then again, she's not trying to appeal to as wide an audience and the wingnuts aren't known for their appreciation for oratory.

Anonymous said...

ooooooh 12 out of 14 correct, although I don't know how since I was purely guessing...

*struts* all proud though

Interchangeable indeed!

merlallen said...

Hitler used much bigger words. Knowing that, I missed two.

Eric2 said...

Meh, I got 13/14.