Monday, June 05, 2006

Jim Webb for Senate, Virginia

On Friday I received a telephone call from my good friend Tom Keefe, who was the National Field Director for Veterans for Kerry. Tom lives in the state of Virginia and is now active in the US Senate campaign of James Webb ( Jim Webb is a fellow Vietnam veteran, fellow Vietnam author and former Secretary of the Navy who is running against a guy named Harris Miller, a professional lobbyist, in the Virginia primary election, which is coming up just next week, on June 13th.

If any of you live in Virginia please help Jim win the primary; if you have friends or relatives living in Virginia, you might want to give them a call or send them an email to urge them to vote for Jim Webb.

And please consider making a donation to the Webb campaign -- his primary opponent, being a professional lobbyist, has lots of money and Jim Webb doesn't. Even $10 will help. Please do it quickly, since there are only seven days remaining until the election.

Here are some of the reasons why Tom Keefe and I, along with many other veterans, are supporting James Webb:

·He has the courage to stand up and lead.
·He has the unique ability to bring "Reagan Democrats" and others, who have drifted away from the Democratic Party back home, to the party of Wes Clark, Mark Warner, and Tim Kaine.
· He is not a life-long, career politician or lobbyist, like Harris Miller. Instead, Jim Webb is a patriot who cares first about the country for which he almost gave his life in Vietnam. As proof of this, Webb gave up a life he loved in order to run for US Senate, simply because he was deeply concerned over the nation's direction.
·As a former Navy Secretary, Jim Webb has tremendous national security experience and credibility in this post-9/11 world.
·Jim Webb alone had the guts to speak out against the Iraq War before the invasion. This shows character and the type of leadership we can expect from Senator Webb. Contrast this with Harris Miller, who continues to refuse to answer whether he would have voted for the resolution that gave the President a blank check to invade Iraq.

Thank you for any support that you can give to Jim Webb in this crucial race.