Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Just Trust Us

In a weird circular-reasoning logic, he White House won't -- can't -- defend itself from the charges of illegal wiretapping because to do so would mean that the details of that wiretapping would have to be revealed.

"The president has decided that the program is necessary to protect and defend the United States," according to DOJ lawyer Anthony Coppolino "And that's all you need to worry your pretty little head about, judge," he did not add.

Privacy advocates and constitutional scholars alike have been decrying the domestic spying wiretap abuse since it became known, but this is the first time that's it has made it into court.

Trust us, the government says. We're only doing what it best for you.

It's really beyond me why this whole wiretapping thing was even considered to be necessary. It has never once caught a terrorist, suspected terrorist, or even a street-level vandalizing thug.

And here is why: Go into any convenience story anywhere in the country and you will see a rack of phone cards, for sale to anyone without their having to show any identification. And the way these work is that any calls made on them will not show up as coming from your telephone number. Instead, you use a phone booth to dial a toll-free number, key in your code, and the call looks like it's originating from wherever that long distance provider's server is. No muss, no fuss and no way to trace the originating number.

Drug dealers figured this one out years ago. But I guess the evil lurkers in all of those terrorist sleeper cells in this country are just too fucking stupid to figure it out for themselves.

Jesus, give me a break.

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Fourth pew, center said...

Hon, doesn't "weird circular-reasoning" just DEFINE this 'administration'?