Monday, June 26, 2006

Syriana -- A "Must See" Movie

I watched Syriana this weekend and I highly recommend it to everyone. Not only is it an edge-of-your-seat thriller, but it's also a primer on the oil business in the Middle East, on the despair of Arab youth fed by radical Islamist clerics, on American corporate corruption, and on the ruthlessness of power.

George Clooney is at his masterful best as an amoral CIA agent -- a performance which won for him the Oscar for best actor at this year's Academy Awards.


billie said...

i,too,watched it and couldn't agree more. it is certainly an eye opener into the back room deals that high powered folks do. i am so tired of secrecy and lies and this movie exposed many of them used in the oil industry.

Blue said...

I watched it this weekend, too...I was surprised after seeing it that I hadn't really heard much about the movie before. It was extremely disturbing, in part because it is so believable!

nunya said...

I loved it. Another good one is "Why We Fight", although for different reasons.

Anonymous said...

I don't get out to the movies much but I have seen Why we fight, good show.

I've been looking for info to better defend my position on the middle east conflicts and found the "The Iron Wall" and "The People and the Land" powerful. I can see why the Isreali's don't want journalists filming in the occupied territories.
The settlers treat the Arabs like dogs hate. And People thought the Nazis and South Africans were badasses.

You won't believe it untill you see it, Over a million Jews and Arabs alike march for peace and then there's these nuts on bothsides messen' everything up.

For What a Chunk of Dirt in the desert.

Anonymous said...

Picked it up tonight, hope it doesn't get my blood pressure up!!!