Wednesday, June 21, 2006

19 Republicans Vote For Amnesty for Iraqi Murderers of Americans

Okay, that head is a little misleading. I used to work for a Republican newspaper, so sue me.

What they actually voted on was a "sense of congress" amendment that the government of Iraq should not grant amnesty to Iraqis and other local yokels who are known to have killed American soldiers.

In the large scheme of things, all of this "sense of congress" crap is basically meaningless, but you gotta ask yourself why 19 senators -- all of them Republicans -- voted "nay" on this bill. Including people that you would think ought to know better, like John "Falwell-Ass-Kisser" McCain and Nebraska's Vietnam vet senator, Chuck Hagel.

Read the full text of the amendment, and the full list of who voted for it -- and against it -- on the Americablog website, and then maybe you can tell me why these fuckers voted against it.

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Orange_Cross said...

Well, you probably know that Hegal is a medal of honor winner, right. I have some respect for that so I feel it biases me in favor of finding some noble, non-partisan, explanation for his vote. I'm not sure about McCain, his stand on prisoner's of war and torture doesn't seem as clear to me as it should. In the end I give them both the benefit of the doubt and believe that they voted "nay" because they realize it is better to err on the side of unconditional forgiveness rather than to not give the many soldiers who were confused by their leadership and nationalist feelings a way out to be a part of their homeland again. I still believe that Hegal and McCain would support special war crime considerations for those soldiers/terrorists/criminals who were monsterous.

As far as the other Republicans go, I don't know enough about them to guess.