Thursday, May 04, 2006

You Can't Make this Shit Up #284

Guess who said this: "It's important for there to be fiscal discipline in Washington D.C. if we want to keep this economy strong."

Bill Clinton? George H. W. Bush? Ronald Reagan?

Nope, it was Baby Doc himself, apparently thinking that he's still doing that "self-mockery" comedy routine at the Whore Press Dinner.

Without a trace of irony, Baby Doc is threatening a veto -- his very first, if he really does it -- over a congressional emergency spending bill that is inching up to $109 billion.

Baby Doc wants it kept at $92.2 billion (plus some bird-flu earmarks that will push it to around $94.5 billion). I haven't seen the bill, but I'm willing to bet good money that it's heavily larded with pork for Repugnican home districts. An actual veto would be not only in order but long overdue.

But the fact remains that the Empty Sleevejob has been spending money like a foretopman on shore leave since he slithered his way into the presidency, and now all of a sudden he's a born-again fiscal responsibility-er? Keeping this house-of-cards-built-on-sand economy strong?

Give me a fucking break.