Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Outrage Upon Outrage

This is how the Bush Maladminstration is making you, me and everyone safer. The Nation is carrying the David Cole story in its current edition of NYU graduate student Mohammed Yousry, who took on the thankless job of translating Arabic for the lawyers representing blind sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, mastermind of the first WTC attack.

For his trouble, Yousry has now been convicted of "supporting terrorism" and faces a twenty-year stretch in the graybar hotel. And, from all anyone can tell, all he did was translate at the direction of Rahman's attorneys.

But since one of the attorneys involved, Lynn Stewart, was also charged and convicted, I guess the federal prosecutors figured anyone else involved had to be guilty as well. (Stewart's conviction was bogus as well -- naturally -- but Yousry was and remains, in all respects, an innocent victim of the jackbooted thugs, the evil minions of the BFEE.)

Read the full story on the Nation website and tell me again how people are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.

Not in Bushco Amerka, it appears.

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