Saturday, May 13, 2006

Karl Rove Back in the News

Word on the street has it that Mister Invisible, Karl Rove, is still in trouble and may end up in jail after all. Here's a little song to commemorate that event, should it come to pass. This is a parody of Joni Mitchell's Raised on Robbery:

Tweaked on Treachery
© 2005 Dennis Mansker

He was sitting in a cell at the graybar hotel,
Wondering how he got there,
Feeling sorry for himself.
A little secret-telling, giving up a name,
It was just a lady, Valerie Plame.
I said she's going down,
Wilson alone is such a shame,
He gets the blame, she gets the killin' flame.
I was a joker,
I claimed it was just a game.
Hey, Dubya, you got lots of clout,
I want out of prison,
And you can get me out.
Ain't no need of thinkin',
I was tweaked on treachery.

I talked to Bob Novak,
But I didn't say her name,
I said Joe Wilson's wife,
But it could be any dame.
I try and I try, I can't make any sense.
They're calling me a traitor,
I thought the truth was a defense.
I'm mean and I'm schemin',
I was tweaked on treachery.

Joe Wilson went to Niger once,
Was lookin' all around for yellowcake.
There wasn't any for Saddam to buy,
Showed our evidence was all fake.
He wrote a story in the New York Times
Put Bush in the ditch,
I won't get any rest,
That son of a bitch,
His wife's life's risky--
I was tweaked on treachery.

You know I'm not bad lookin',
But I do feel like a dope.
The guys call me honey,
When they want to play some "drop the soap".
Bush, where you goin'?
Don't go yet,
I'm still in prison, you're in my debt.
You said I'd be pardoned.
I was tweaked on treachery.


Granny said...

Thanks for visiting isamericaburning.

I was working my way through bloglines (busy day today) and had progressed through "N". You would have been next.

I'm going to copy it straight to the blog with a link back to you. Don't want it lost in the comments (which some don't read).

The words of appreciation mean a lot coming from you. I may be your "number one fan" without the axe.


enigma4ever said...

that was and is excellent...amazing...