Thursday, May 25, 2006

Guilty Guilty Gulty!!!

Breaking news: Kenny-boy Lay and Jeffy-boy Skilling found guilty on charges of fraud, conspiracy, insider trading and making false statements. Off to jail for up to 45 years for these two oligarchs of the new economy.

Baby Doc, who originally gave Lay the nickname "Kenny-boy" has been backpedaling his friendship with the little frogfaced motherfucker ever since he was first accused. But now that his own polls are plummeting out of sight, it won't be long before Kenny-boy himself will be saying, "hey, I barely knew the guy".


drainbamage said...

Well only a few years before shrub pardons him


I'll be satified when kenny-boy and the rest of the crooks go to jail for the rest of their lives and not at a country club facility. They must pay full financial restitution plus severe monetary penalties.
So, I know I won't be happy when they skate away with richboy justice.