Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Thirty-one and Dropping

According to the latest USA Today/Gallup poll, Der Monkey Fuehrer's approval rating has dropped to yet another new low, 31%.

To put it in perspective, thanks to Political Arithmetik, here are the record low percents for the previous ten presidents:

  • Truman, 22%, 14 Feb 1952 (all-time low).
  • Eisenhower, 48%, 1 Apr 1958
  • Kennedy, 56%, 17 Sep 1963
  • Johnson, 35%, 12 Aug 1968
  • Nixon, 23%., 7 Jan 1974
  • Ford, 37%, 13 Jan 1975 and 31 Mar 1975
  • Carter, 28%, 2 Jul 1979
  • Reagan, 35%, 31 Jan 1983
  • Bush (GHW), 29%, 2 Aug 1992
  • Clinton, 37%, 6 Jun 1993
So at this point Baby Doc has a lower approval rating than all but four of the last ten presidents, and he's been losing an average of one point per month since January 2005. But it's early in his second term, and those numbers can only go lower -- barring some "unforeseen" circumstance (like attacking Iran) that will result in an irrational rally-'round-the-flag boost.

As it is, he is at the lowest point ever recorded for a president at this point in his second term. I can't wait for him to hit that magic number of 21%. At one percent per month, it'll be ten more months until it happens, but when it does, I'm buying the beer.

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c jeffreys said...

I think we can see the twenties very soon after todays breaking news.