Friday, May 05, 2006

Feds: Don't Count on Us

In the event of a bird flu pandemic, the federal government is already creating a plausible deniability scenario. As reported in the Seattle Times, the White House released a report that tells state and local governments to make their own preparations because "all sources of external aid may be compromised during a pandemic".

Thanks, but after the Katrina disaster -- which is still occurring, not that you'd really know that from the SCLM/MSM -- I don't think we really want the feds in here fucking things up more than they will be already.

As usual, we're on our own, and even more so out here on the left coast, in Blue State Paradise.

So I'm stocking up on more non-perishable food and jugs of drinking water. I already had a small supply that I put up after the earthquake of 2001, but I'm increasing the total amount, in anticipation of quarantines and travel restrictions. Better safe than sorry. Plan ahead. Hope for the best, expect the worst. Etc.