Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Six Thousand National Guardsmen to "Protect" Border

You there, you National Guardsmen in Iraq: We've got some good news for you. You're going back to the states. The bad news is those states are Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Out of one sandbox into another.

Who the fuck does Baby Doc think he's fooling? Never mind, I withdraw the question. It's an election year and he has to be seen doing "something" -- never mind what it is -- about the bugbear of illegal immigration. And with his poll numbers now below 30 percent, this is an ideal situation for him. Now all he needs is a couple of "border skirmishes" to pump up the jingoistic adrenaline and get some of that good old "protectin' the homeland" mojo working.

Right about now Mexico must be feeling nervous. The first time (1846) a large number of troops massed on their border with the US, it was heralding an invasion. The last time (1916), it was in advance of an incursion under the command of future WWI Commander General John J. "Black Jack" Pershing. Coincidentally (or not), Pershing also initially had 6,000 troops under his command -- a number which grew to 12,000 by the time of the actual incursion -- or "punitive expedition" -- into Mexico proper.

I guess the only way to stave off United States imperialism is to have -- or say you have -- nuclear weapons. This is why Iran is in such a hurry to develop them. Of the so-called Axis of Evil, Iraq was invaded and North Korea left alone.

That certainly sends a clear message, so now I suppose Mexico will think it has to develop its own nuclear weapons program.

Every goddam country in the world who believes they have reason to fear US imperialism will also think that. And when that happens, we are fucked.


merlallen said...

Dude, nothing will come of this. It is an election year stunt. I am surprised though that he didn't put on one of his costumes and give his speech from an armored humvee.

Mr. Ed said...

Gus - be patient. The photo op is coming.

drainbamage said...

Guess you missed this one Farnsworth. They will be providing intelligence for the border patrol and not actually patrolling...

Which gives us two options as I see it.

1 increase NSA and others to fulfill Orwellian prophecies

2 maybe they are making jobs for disabled to keep them in service and skew the numbers

Oh or maybe they will increase the number of active troops because of the need? ...

or all those other options...