Tuesday, May 30, 2006

How Many Veterans Records? All of Them

In response to my earlier post on the stolen VA records, Anonymous has a good point. How many veterans were discharged from the military since the alleged cutoff date of 1976 cited in the original stories?

I don't have that figure, but according the 2000 US Census, out of a population of 208.1 million civilians age 18 and older, 26.4 million were veterans. Even given that a number of vets have died in the meantime, plus another bunch have been discharged and have become veterans, it looks like the data that was stolen includes just about every fucking veteran out there, going back for-fucking-ever -- not, as we were initially informed, only those discharged since 1975.

I ought to have done this verification myself. That 26 million figure should have just leaped out at me. Innumeracy -- it can even bite the pros.

It would behoove all of us to check and keep checking our credit scores on a regular basis. Who knows how big this could get?

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Anonymous said...

Too easy, seems deliberate.

Is it my imagination or did TRICARE get their records stolen a coupla years back? Just prior to Iraq invasion?

I wonder who all this data about mil people and their families is of value to?

I wouldn't be surprised if he sold it.