Monday, May 01, 2006

Three Years, 2400 Dead Americans

Exactly three years ago today, Baby Doc staged that ridiculous photo-op off the coast of San Diego, when he landed on the deck of the carrier and strutted around under the banner "Mission Accomplished" with a gym sock rolled up in his crotch, looking like a monkey wearing a codpiece.

Yesterday the number of Americans who have died in this illegal war crime we call the Iraq War reached 2400.

Two thousand four hundred dead Americans. And for what? For fucking what?????

He can't give Cindy Sheehan an answer to that question. He can't give the other 4798 mothers and fathers of those dead Americans the answer to that question. He can't give us the answer to that question.

Why in the hell is he still president? It's an embarrassment, an abomination, that this man is in office, the most powerful leader in the world. And he's fucked it up beyond all recognition. Beyond all belief.

I used to think that anyone who got into office wouldn't really be able to fuck things up all that much because he would have advisers, the party would install "keepers", the congress would apply the brakes, etc etc. Things that would keep the guy in line.

Now I see that was wrong. Turns out it was crazy talk. If we let him, the megalomaniacal fucker will plunge us into WWIII.

Yeah, we'll probably "win" it. Like that'll mean anything. In the words of the old Barry McGuire song, "there'll be no one to save with the world in a grave"... Yes, I believe we are truly now on The Eve of Destruction.


Granny said...

For what it's worth, we were both wrong. Deep down, I believed this couldn't happen here but every day it's worse.

People are waking up; you can see that from the ratings, but it's too little too late. He listens to his voices; nothing else.

Kilgore Trout said...

One of the few proud moments I have had of late was watching Stephen Colbert insult the entire media and GOP while the president sat 10 feet away. That is what makes this country great we are slowly returning to a place where we can have open political dicourse. Oh and it was really funny.

I think we all know why we are in Iraq but ill be shocked if the people in charge ever admit it.

Then their was the Boston Globe article about the 750 laws that Bush has broken since in office. Pride wasnt exactly the first emotion I had when reading that. Well have a great day everyone.

drainbamage said...

Gas is $3.20 a gallon, double what it was 5 years ago?

I watched two young mothers idle their car in my dentist parking lot while they sat there smoking cigarettes which they held out the window (presumably to protect the two young children in the back seat)so why didn't they shut off the car and stand outside it while they smoked? No, they didn't go into the dentist office either, lord is only one who knows why a couple of 20 year olds would be idling their car to smoke cigarettes.

The masses have been conditioned, game over dude!

Puma said...

Many, many, many people knew this would happen, and they said so at the time. Many people were against this war, and took to the streets and the newspapers across the world to voice against it. The crime of apathy - of not noticing, of choosing not to see... and allowing ourselves to think of violence as a valid and productive response...these are our own fault. We Americans chose this bastard. We allowed him to be (s)elected.

But I believe something is happening out there in power-broker land - there is a struggle going on that we cannot see clearly yet, and I don't think it's just the retired generals.

"You can no more win a war than you can win an earthquake." - Jeannette Rankin