Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Pelosi Says No to Impeachment?

This is an interesting development: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Chickenweasel) says that impeachment is "off the table" if the Dems win in November.

What the fuck? What the fuck is she up to? Has she drunk the koolaid, too?

The Repugnicans, when they impeached Clinton, had a master plan. They set out to raise the bar to a ludicrous height, and by so doing they gut-shot the Constitutional separation of powers that have served us well for over 200 years. They knew going in that they had a flimsy trumped-up case against a popular president, with absolutely zero chance of winning a conviction in the Senate, but they went ahead and did it anyway.

And it was a brilliant plan -- they pretty much guaranteed that unless their boy, Baby Doc (yes, the fix was in even way back then), was caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy, impeachment would always be "off the table" because the weak-kneed girlie men (and women) in the Democratic Party would be too afraid their own shadows, too chickenshit to actually bring impeachment proceedings against Baby Doc, for fear of being accused of political retribution, of just wanting to "get even" with the Republicans for the Clinton impeachment.

Word on the street has it that Pelosi wanted impeachment off the table so the Rethug strategists couldn't run against it in November. You know, vote Republican, save the republic, that kind of shit.

What the fuck was she thinking about? Democrats ought to stand for something, and with this corrupt and evil bunch of outlaw BFEE assholes, impeachment ought to be just the beginning. Instead it's stillborn.

Once again I find myself in a party that lacks the balls to stand up for its own values. I guess I'm in the democratic wing of the Democratic Party, the faction that still believes in democracy, still believes that we have a government of laws, still believes in the United States Constitution. And I am sharing the party with a bunch of neo-right Republican-lite corporatist hacks who are nothing more than eager, willing lickspittles to their corporate overlords (can you hear me, Maria Cantwell?).

If we want to win in November, we have to be true to our roots and our core values. Nobody wants to vote for a me-too crybaby who votes progressive only when it doesn't matter -- like voting for cutting off the filibuster of Scalito, but also voting not to confirm. They want it both ways, and they will end up having it neither, and the rest of us will continue to suffer under the oppressive yoke of the neofascist Bushco Cartel.


bluegrrrrl said...

I could not have said it better myself. Your comments on the adulteration of the Democratic party are the precise reason I will most likely leave it after being a life-long Democrat. I'd leave now, but I haven't found a suitable alternative yet. In search of a party with some ethics, commitment to humanity, and balls...not to mention a decent chance of taking back the country from the hands of liars and felons. Too much to ask, I guess.

Anonymous said...

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If you have time, please complain to Blogspot/Google about this.

I love your blog and the body counts, also the Friday Felines. Keep up the good work! I wish we had 100 of you blogging.



Granny said...

Agreed. We have to stand for something. I'd rather lose (and I think we might in the Senate on impeachment) but at least we'll have stood up for what we believe.

I haven't left the party but I'm so frustrated.

Granny said...

Agreed. We have to stand for something. I'd rather lose (and I think we might in the Senate on impeachment) but at least we'll have stood up for what we believe.

I haven't left the party but I'm so frustrated.

robinhood said...

Hummmm. I'm not sure what shes up to but I think shes playing cards. She says no impeachment now, and the repugs are stuck with that to run against but it makes the dems look very weak.

I think the repugs are self destructing. They have played out their hand. Done.

She can always change her mind no? When the repugs get so bad she may have to with a full dem senate. but then were stuck with Cheny after Chimpeachment...and he can still issue pardons on the way out too.

Watch the repugs go pop all on their own without the impeachment payback line. I'm groovin in it.

peace to you,

Vigilante said...

I'm okay with Pelosi saying election of Democratic majorities to Congress leads to oversight. Seems to me that's a compelling campaign mantra that floats all boats. Who among us doubts that oversight won't lead to impeachment?