Monday, May 22, 2006

"Supporting" the Troops -- Again

The Army Times is carrying a story headlined "VA: Some veterans wrongly denied care".

The story says that "some medical benefits, such as home-based treatment, adult day care and respite care, have been improperly denied to eligible veterans".

Surprise, suprise. The Baby Doc Maladminstration has no qualms about sending these people to war, to get killed, to get limbs blown off, to get maimed for life. That's all fine and good to send cannon fodder out for the furtherance of the Empire, but god forbid they should come and start selfishly demanding medical care for the severe wounds they have received.

This is why the maladorous maladroits in this maladminstration have been consistently underfunding -- by the billions -- VA healthcare. They just don't give a shit about veterans. And all those wounded veterans who are streaming back, with wounds that are far worse than those of us who were in Vietnam would have -- could have -- survived with...well, they're just an embarrassing inconvenience who are better left untreated so they can die an early death from those wounds. It's really a cost-accounting measure: If they die early, then they will no longer be a drain on the public treasury, and no longer a living reminder of the true cost of war.

And you, all of you fucking assholes with your yellow ribbons on the backsides of your gas-guzzling penis-subsitute SUVs who proudly proclaim that you "support the troops", how many of you have even bothered to visit a VA hospital and seen firsthand the results of this illegal war? How many of you have volunteered just a few hours of your precious time at your nearest VA hospital, outreach clinic or community health center? How many of you have written to your congressional representative or you senator to call for mandatory funding of VA health care?

[silence, sound of chirping crickets]

Yeah, that's what I thought. Assholes.