Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Supporting Veterans -- Republican Style

Over at VA Watchdog, Larry Scott has a list of members of Congress, both House and Senate, compiled by the DAV, showing their relative ratings of their votes on veterans and veterans' issues.

No big surprise to those of us who follow these things, but the Democrats consistently have higher marks than the Republicans. Consistently and completely. So many Democrats got ratings of 100, and so many Republicans received ratings of 0. That's zero. As in nothing. As in naught. Zip. Zilch. Bupkis.

Including one Steven Buyer (R-Shitweasel), who just happens to chair the House Veterans Committee.

Take a look at the list and the ratings, and tell me again which party is it that supports America's veterans. And why have we allowed those goddam Repugnican thugs to get away with the Big Lie that they are the party that supports the troops and the veterans?


merlallen said...

"Support our Troops" is a campaign slogan, the truth is that Repubs hate our troops and look down on them. Except for the 82nd Chairborne, they are just ashamed.

Jeff said...

They own most or all the media, print, broadcast, down to the megaphone-level. It's gone on for years, but it's going to bite their collective ass soon.