Thursday, May 25, 2006

Frog March! Frog March!

Cheney to testify in Plame Leak! According to the Raw Story website, Patrick Fitzgerald has some kind of evidence linking VP Crashcart to the Libby leak of Plame's name.

I've always said that Baby Doc pulled a Nixon when choosing a vice president: Pick someone that NOBODY wants to see as president, and you've got both an impeachment-proof and an assassination-proof presidency. Despite the fact that I used to have a button, back in the days of the dear departed and roundly unlamented days of our first Imperial Presidency, that said "Lee Harvey Oswald, Where Are You Now that We Really Need You?", not even a psycho nutjob like Artie Bremer would have wanted Spiro Agnew as president, and the same obtains today with Cheney.